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Building Game-Changing Startups From The Ground Up. Repeatedly.

A Studio underpinned by experience, expertise, passion, and a relentless devotion to changing the world.

Mamazen turns fragments of ideas into world-changing realities.

I’m A Founder

Climb in on the ground floor with the validated product, headstrong team, sprawling network, funding, deep market knowledge, and philosophical approach needed to create an intrepid startup.

I’m A Candidate

Have fun while making the world a better place. Join the team that has a consistent track record of creating infinitely successful companies from scratch.

I’m An Investor

Invest in early-stage startups that are poised to prevail, rising like the Samurai to immeasurable heights.

The What

We digitalize small businesses by changing the way they work

We understand small business struggles.

We cluster their needs.

We build startups to address their pains.

The How

From concept to implementation, and from idea validation to expansion, everything is filtered through our proven process.

The Who

We’re a disruptive team of game-changers, move-makers, and trail-blazers, and we believe that true change is born in the minds of people who dare to bend the status quo.

Why invest in a Startup Studio?

Zero-to-exit time, while drastically reducing the number of missteps from problem to prototype to scale.

Our seasoned team works closely together on a specific vertical and market, and we only invest in ideas that make it through our rigorous selection process.

84% of startups created by a studio reach the seed round. While there are a million ways for startups to fail, there are even more ways to win. And we know them all.

Our Kizami Tsuki (Yes, We Hit Hard)

While most people say “one size fits all” is a bad thing, we disagree. We invest time and money into repeatable processes that have the same result every time. Browse through our portfolio.
Digitalizes sports clubs by helping them generate an online presence. 20K Sports Clubs on the platform. The Startup already raised 1,8 mln from Investors.
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A dark kitchen focused on delivering quality lunch to workers. Morsy revenues have increased over 500% in 2.5 years.
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Launched in July 2019, Inpoi is making revenue from day zero. Its goal is to provide a great experience in managing real estate assets and dealing with different stakeholders.
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