Benefit corporation

Societa benefit

What is it?

A benefit corporation is a for-profit corporate entity that aims to positively impacts society, workers, the community, and the environment. 

By common benefit, we intend to operate responsibly and in a sustainable, transparent way towards people, communities, territories, the environment, and other stakeholders (e.g., workers, investors, creditors, public administration, and society).

The Benefit Company identifies the positive and negative effects of its activity on the socio-environmental context. It seizes the opportunities that can create social and economic benefits simultaneously.

Why we chose it:

Because this is what we have always done since our foundation, we committed ourselves not only on a moral level but also on a juridical level. In Mamazen, we believe that a different way of doing business is possible. For this reason, we have decided to become a Benefit Company. Our mission goes far beyond profit; it embraces a broader vision distinctive of a Benefit Company.

Our goals for 2021:


Non-profit company foundation (e.g., StudioHub)

  • Free project open to the startup system (e.g. ogenki)
  • 3 events/year, pro bono participation as a speaker
  • 1 free webinar/month in the startup area


  • Formalize smart working to allow workers to work from wherever they want
  • 4 training courses/year for employees paid by the company
  • 4 meetings/year per year of business counseling
  • Regulation of a stock option plan


  • Most of the corporate transport within the city is by eco-friendly vehicles (car sharing, public transportation, etc.)
  • Choice of eco-friendly suppliers for our websites (e.g. greenkees)