Full Stack Developer

Are you a startup enthusiast?
Are you constantly looking for solutions, integrations, and automation to never do it twice?
Do you believe that code and no-code can fit together and work side by side?
If you believe that a successful company must value and empower people, then you are in the right place!

Read carefully! All documentation must be submitted in English.

Open position

At Mamazen, we create startups from scratch by standardizing all processes, including software development.

From Proof Of Concept to Minimum Viable Product and Product, we provide our startups with agile tools to grow and scale quickly. We need the technical expertise to build them.

So what are we offering? The opportunity to work in a team devoted to innovation and, of course, continuous training. We believe that no one ever stops learning. We work in a FULLY REMOTE environment, and we use scrum methodology.We empower people and gender diversity.  

Last but not least we provide a fair salary. The RAL is between 35K and 40K, depending on the Seniority.

Who are we looking for? We believe in our Mission, so we are looking for people that share our vision. Our Mission is to create the best place to develop ideas and for valuable people to launch and grow businesses.

Does this fit with you? Let’s talk about basics, skills, and what we’re going to build together.


The basic


What are you going to do

Minimum requirements

You must be passionate about the Startup ecosystem and Automation. We are looking for a never-give-up approach. We love people who are always ready to learn. We like critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Do you have these skills? Impressive but not enough. Do you have the Zen-Requirements? (spoiler: you won’t learn them in any e-course or universities).


Integrity should be embedded in all your work. Results + Integrity + Care = Trust


Show empathy towards your teammates and any other person you meet.

Emphasys on the quality of your work

If you show dedication and commitment to achieving excellent results, your work ethic will shine.

Our commitment

We are a Bossless company, and we believe that each person should be free to work from wherever they want, so we have chosen a fully remote approach. We believe in continuous training and in independent time management. We like experiments, and here you can be free to express yourself. 
We want to create amazing companies that can change the world, bringing a positive impact. We also want to make money doing it. 

We believe that a tight-knit team is equipped to pursue any mission.

This is our mission? Ready to be part of it?

Fill the form, we will schedule a call to meet you.

The documentation must be submitted in English.