Our building process

Mamazen Startup Dojo has standardized steps for the startup’s creation process.
In Mamazen, we have two quality standards: excellent and “oh my God.”


Thesis Development
We explore the market to Identify strategic areas and new market needs.


Identify new business opportunities inspired by the uncovered jobs-to-be-done and unmet needs.


Signals & Validation
Validate key assumptions with customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.


MVP development
Rapidly build the new product, to test and validate that the proposition addresses the opportunities uncovered


Early Growth
Build high quality teams that can accelerate growth and get it to escape velocity


Seed Round
The Startup Studio's goal is to bring the startup to the first Seed Round having access to the Studio's network of investors.
About our philosophy

Our philosophy

We have more than building processes, we have an internal philosophy that drive us to our North Star.

In Mamazen, we love fair play.

We believe in a no-secrets approach within our team, our collaborators and our investors.

Sharing is our mantra: we have chosen to be fully transparent and share our processes and internal dynamics, including salaries and decision-making policies. 


Being honest is profitable.

Mamazen’s Mission is to change the way of doing business by automating processes to scale people’s impact and create companies at the service of humanity.


Create companies that make impact.

Create several such companies that can generate sufficient critical mass to influence the powers that govern the world significantly.

Our approach in Mamazen

Our approach

We embrace the oriental philosophy, and we are Samurai doctrine followers. Mamazen is a concept, and the Mission is the only thing that can rule the Studio-Dojo.

Our Dojo hasn’t a pyramid structure; we prefer to use a spiral system.
There isn’t either the CEO or the Investors in this scheme’s center but the essential thing that drives us: the mission.

There isn’t a hierarchy in our world. Nobody is essential because everybody must serve the only thing that allows us to exist: the Mission.

We are like samurais; we serve the Mission, not the Management.

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