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Why investing in Startup Studios is a smart move? 

Why is the Startup Studio Model interesting for investors?

Startup studios are assets that are getting more and more interesting for investors due to their high success rate and high growth potential.


Let's go deeper:

Startups created by a Studio are less likely to fail compared to traditional ones. A Studio is able to mitigate investor risk.

The average time on exit for a Startup created by a Studio si 4.3 years  compared to 8 years for traditional startups.

84% of startups coming out of studios raise a seed round. 72% of those make it from seed to Series A,

The average valuation for startups generated by a Studio is roughly $74 million versus $50 million for traditional startups.

Startups created by Studios have an average 53% IRR. The “traditional” Startups usually hit an average of 21.3% IRR.

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Do you want to know more about Studio’s fundraising? Download our paper.

In this Paper you will discover more on the different structures for fundraising, including our model: the Dual Entity Model!

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Mamazen is in a never ending evolution. We have been the first to introduce the Startup Studio model in Italy so, now we want to do something more. Our aim is to start a new era in the startup world.

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