Which kind of Studio is Mamazen?

Tipologia Studio di Mamazen

In the last articles, we learned about Startup Studios: Studios’ definition, how Studios were born, processes used, benefits for investors, and so on. Now it’s time to unfold Mamazen Dojo.

Mamazen was founded in 2017 and it is the first Italian Startup Studio. Mamazen, inspired by other successful Studios brought the Studio model to Italy.

The path wasn’t easy for Idealab in the 90s when it was a pioneer in the US, so it was for Mamazen: the Italian ecosystem wasn’t ready. 

Even though Venture-Builders were becoming popular in Europe in recent years, there is still a long way to go. Despite this, we overcame obstacles and grew stronger year by year.

In one of the first articles about Studio Model, we talked about Studios’ types: the business model is similar but is applied in many different ways.

If you want to know more on the topic you can discover more in this article.

What kind of Studio is Mamazen?

Mamazen is an Operator Studio, we generate ideas internally and build Startups from scratch, we recruit our Co-Founders and provide support to our startups from ideation to Exit.

Inside our Dojo we take care of each aspect of the startups: we support them in the fundraising phase, in product designing, in talent research to make them grow strong and fast.

Why the Operator Model?

Well, We love perfection. Supporting startups from the idea generation to Exit, we are 100% sure that the project will get traction, generate value, and make revenues when it goes to market. 

We know every inch of the startups we  are building, their strengths and weaknesses, and in-depth knowledge is due to the operator model implementation.

First of all, Mamazen is Mama, a mother who generates newborn startups and makes them grow strong and healthy, to make them learn and graduate as soon as possible!

Now you know the kind of Studio of Mamazen

In the next article, we will reveal other insights of Mamazen Dojo, in particular our way of market approach.  Check our blog soon!

Mamazen is in a never ending evolution. We have been the first to introduce the Startup Studio model in Italy so, now we want to do something more. Our aim is to start a new era in the startup world. That’s why we have combined the Startup Studio model with the Dual Entity Model, a model designed to reduce the risk for investors dramatically.  

That’s why we have combined the Startup Studio model with the Dual Entity Model, a model designed to reduce the risk of us as investors dramatically.  

Do you want to hear more?

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