Mamazen’s market approach

Approccio al mercato Mamazen

In the last article we spoke about Mamazen’s model, the Operator Model, and why we chose it; today we’re going to unfold the Mamazen’s Market Approach.

Studios can adopt different approaches to market: a vertical approach or opportunity-based. It is not as easy to say which is the best one, as always it depends on the execution.

Which approach we have chose?

In Mamazen we have a vertical approach.

We are vertical both for market focus and business type: we want to help small businesses in the digitization process, we focus on a fragmented market because these kinds of players don’t have the knowledge and power to digitalize their process on their own.

We strongly believe in the impact produced by small businesses. We develop inclusive technologies that lead to services democratization. We want to create an impact by making services accessible for everyone.

Inpoi is a startup based on this philosophy: small property owners do not have access to expensive advisory, Inpoi aims to make real estate advisory affordable for everyone and helps owners to maximize the value of their assets.

Inpoi wants to make a revolution in the prop-tech industry. It provides individuals with information and knowledge to manage their properties in the best way and at the same time help Real Estate Agents getting qualified leads.

Morsy also reflects our vision and our approach to the market: Morsy provides workers with genuine, fresh, and nutritious food every day directly in the workplace and helps small companies give their workers the same benefit that large corporations give to their employees.

Why these examples? Simple as that: we want to show you what it means to be verticalized and following a defined path for building startups.

Why this market approach?

In Mamazen, we want to generate profit, and create impact businesses at the same time: that’s why we are a Benefit Company.

In the next article, we will talk about how the Equity Split between Mamazen and the startups generated is managed. 

Now you know the Mamazen's Market Approach

Don’t worry, our journey into the Dojo isn’t over!

In the next article, we will talk about how the Equity Split between Mamazen and the startups generated is managed. 

Our Dojo is looking for great Sensei: inspired mentors willing to support our founder/samurai in their economic and, why not, spiritual journey. In Japanese, Sensei means “born before” and is defined as a person with a wide experience and skills. He/she wants to share it with others to help them become stronger. 

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