Startup Studio Model

How does a Startup Studio work? It builds startups from scratch. 

Startup Studio Model
Startup Studio Model

The process

So you want to know what’s a Startup Studio?
Wise choice.
A Startup Studio is not a startup incubator, nor an accelerator, and – before you ask – not even a Venture Capital.

A Startup Studio builds from scratch its startups internally and provides them support in the crucial steps: the ideation and the validation.

The Studio is the startup’s co-fonder, it invests an initial capital to cover the first expenses and pay the first salaries.


A Venture Builder is a startup-building beast: an enterprise designed to produce other enterprises in parallel and in the most efficient way.

Food and Shelter

The Venture Builder cares for the new startup’s early needs: provides a safe for growth environment, full-stack competencies, and a talent pipeline.

A Startup is born

When the newly born startup is ready, the Studio provides it with a tailored team to get ready for the market.

The advantages of building a startup within a Studio

1.  It gets quicker to Exit.

2. It needs less human resources to grow.

3.  It’s data driven

4. It uses money more efficiently

5.  Has access to the Studio’s investor network

6. Use the Studio’s shared resources.

Why are we doing all this?

A better world is possible, and we’re trying to build it with all our resources.
We deeply believe that global progress comes through entrepreneurship.

We prepared this for you!

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