Welcome to the fantastic world of Startup Studios


What is a Startup studio?

In the last years, the Startup Studio model and its potential is getting more popular in Italy. What is a Startup Studio? Why should you know what it is and how it works if you deal with innovation in your everyday life? 

Let’s start with a simple definition to avoid any doubts that might pop up in your mind.

A Startup Studio is not an incubator or an accelerator; it is not a Venture Capital or a mix of these. So what is it?

Here is the definition: a Startup Studio is a company that creates startups in parallel. It’s a startup factory. Quite simple. But let’s dive into details. 

Startup Studios are named in many ways; they all mean the same thing. Here are some of the most common names: Startup Factory, Venture Builder, Startup Foundry, Company Creator, Company Builder. 

We are a Startup Studio, but we call ourselves a Startup Dojo. More on this topic will come soon in the following articles.

Why Startup Studio?

The name Startup Studio was coined by Bill Gross, the founder of Idealab and the pioneer of Startup Studios. It was founded back in 1996 (if Idealab has been the first Studio founded ever, we have been the first one in Italy, not bad). 

We suggest you check their website to get inspiration: Have a look at how many startups they have built and listed (you may already know many of them). 

Let’s get back to our main topic. 

As we told you that there are many words to identify a Studio with no differences between them. We have chosen Startup Studio; you can pick the one you like the most.

Our research before starting Mamazen Dojo

Before jumping into this new adventure, four years ago, we examined this long-standing issue of naming. These are our findings: Company Creator, Startup Studio, and Venture Studio are the most used names as keywords in the US. Company Builder and Startup Foundry are the least used terms on Google.

As you can see, even overseas, there is not a universal name to define the model. We can say that if you use the terms above, you will be understood for sure.

We would like to give you a foretaste of our next article about Startup Studios: we’re going to make an excursus on the history of the model from the beginning to nowadays.

Mamazen is constantly evolving. We have been the first to implement the Startup Studio model in Italy, now we want to do more. We want to bring a new wave of change to the startup world. We have integrated the Studio model with the Dual Entity Model to significantly reduce the investors’ risk.  

Our doors are open to new partners, new companions on our journey, tireless dreamers, curious and hungry people.Want to know more?