Mamazen at Torino Digital Days 2020

2nd edition of Torino Digital Days 2020: Mamazen organized an event on fundraising and governance

Torino Digital Days is the appointment innovators definitively don’t want to miss.

Digital Days is an association born to create networking and reflection opportunities on digital transformation. 

It promotes the sharing of digital knowledge, formation, research and realization of events dedicated to digital and innovation.

Mamazen @Torino Digital Days

After getting involved in the first edition, on the occasion of the 2nd edition of Torino Digital Days, Mamazen organized an event called “How not to get lost on the intricate path between Equity and Fundraising”.

Some of the issues we addressed:

  • How to do fundraising without ending up hanged?
  • I love equity so much, but, sometimes, I don’t
  • The ways of fundraising are endless
  • How not to get lost on the intricate path of Equity, Convertible notes, convertible loan, debt securities, revenue share e SFP
  • How to keep a team and still be friends? The shareholders’ agreements: a quick tour not to get stuck

On this occasion we talked about what fundraising is, and when and how to do it. We showed the path leading to successful fundraising and pointed out the main players in the game.

Then we talked a bit about governance: because once you got the money you have to use it right.

Why do we do that?

One may think sharing knowledge is self-defeating: doing so you could be raising your own tomorrow’s competitors.

We like to think in another way. Seeding a startup culture means to build a healthy startup environment.

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