The Startup Studios advent in Italy

Startup Studios advent in Italy

An Italian love story

Italy will soon have a new change in the innovation and enterprise field; take note of this sentence because the Startup Studios phenomenon is growing fast. Many new Studios have been born, Italian ecosystem is changing.

In 2017, when Mamazen was founded, Startup Studios’ meaning was just an echo across the pond, a whisper among insiders. It was a little-known concept but Mamazen never gave up and continued to improve this new model and spread it in the Italian market, and we were right! Because we built a path for other entrepreneurs.

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Let’s talk about Italian Studios.

After the Mamazen foundation, 4 years ago, we’re happy to see that other Startup Studios have been born in Italy. 
Let’s get to know better the other Startup Studios in Italy:

  • Startup Bakery (founded in 2020 by Alessandro Arrigo): creates solutions for SaaS and B2B. 
  • FoolFarm (founded in 2020 by Andrea Cinelli): Startup factory in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Techbricks (founded in 2018 by Manuele Monti): specialised in blockchain and DLT.
  • Startup Gym (newly formed in 2021 by Enrico Pandian): specialised in next-generation digital enterprises.
  • Pushapp (founded by Ottavio Sgrosso): An app factory specialised in iOS and Android.
  • Sungazer (founded in 2018 by Saverio Murgia): a boutique Startups specialised in soft and hardware.
  • Djungle (founded in 2017 by Giulietta Testa and Alessandro Nasi, but recently converted its business model into a Startup Studio): specializes in the design and validation of new business opportunities aimed at community engagement.

Something big is happening. Italian ecosystem has changed, and the change is here to last. We’re proud to say:

“We told you so!”.

But… There is always a but. To make a successful Studio you need robust processes and methodologies. To rock the market and launch successful Startups, a Studio needs to:

  • Have a solid investment thesis and Portfolio focus;
  • Focus on the team and not on ideas;
  • Have enough money to pay Studio Expenses.

Let’s talk about the Studio process?

The Startup Studio Model – as every structured approach – need replicable processes and measurable metrics. The ground assumption is that you can’t build a product without knowing if it meets a real need.

Our process starts by exploring the market to identify strategic areas. This phase is followed up by identifying new business opportunities inspired by the uncovered jobs-to-be-done and unmet needs.

Then we validate key assumptions with customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once this phase is finished, rapidly build an MVP to test and validate that the proposition addresses the opportunities uncovered.

Last but not least, build high-quality teams that can accelerate growth and get it to escape velocity.

Mamazen is in a never ending evolution. We have been the first to introduce the Startup Studio model in Italy so, now we want to do something more. Our aim is to start a new era in the startup world. That’s why we have combined the Startup Studio model with the Dual Entity Model, a model designed to reduce the risk for investors dramatically.  

That’s why we have combined the Startup Studio model with the Dual Entity Model, a model designed to reduce the risk of us as investors dramatically.  

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